Cloud Enabling

Our web workflow covers the entire spectrum of front-end to back-end development. Our experts have witnessed the web evolution from good old scripting languages to current single-page application frameworks. Working with heterogeneous frameworks and languages for many years, we not only learned the art of building but also building them the best way. We have teams capable of working on various technologies that fit your ecosystem.

Java Development
  • Software as a Service based application architecture with subscription features and multi-tenancy.
  • Developing Single Page architecture applications using JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS 1.x & 2.x, Backbone.js ,Knockout.js, ReactJS
  • Front development using Java Server Page, Spring MVC frameworks, Backend development with complete JavaEE stack and other open source tooling like Hibernate and Databases.
.NET Development
  • Competent enough to develop backend and application front end using Java and .NET platforms including .NET Core
  • Development tooling – Git version control, Vagrant and Docker like virtualized and container-based development and testing environments, JIRA, Stash tools
  • Full stack development with MEAN.js on Node.js based solutions for high scaling of front end services.
  • Microservice based backend architecture for high availability and scaling using Java REST services and .NET Web API
  • Enterprise application integration with various CRM, ERP or 3rd party applications using various Integration patterns.

Mobile Development

With increased usage of mobile devices, Mobile adoption plays a significant role in business success. We build the right mobile presence for our customers on both Android and iOS platforms. Whether to employ a mobile first strategy or the web first, our experts would be too happy to guide you in making the right decisions.

Native Applications
  • Mobile first responsive design approach for Mobile enabled web based applications and hybrid applications.
  • Android native application development.
  • Mobile front end integration with back end services and other 3rd party applications.
  • Mobile IoT-based application programming with IoT style of architecture and protocols
Hybrid Applications
  • The Web and Hybrid mobile enabled apps development – HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Apache Cordova